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5 Quick Tips for Weight Loss

5 Quick Tips for Weight Loss
By Team ON 4 years ago 8682 Views

1. Weight loss is individual. Set up goals and follow a program made for YOU.

2. Work with your body, not against it. Build muscle and let your body aid your weight loss.

3. Break your big goal into smaller pieces so you can stay motivated by each achievement.

4. Don’t rush; it takes time to change and form new habits. Longterm changes = longterm results.

5. Enjoy the process! Pick training you love andfind healthy foods you like. A healthy lifestyle is not about limitations, it’s about moderation. You can have your favourite foods and sweets, just make it a sometime, as opposed to an everytime, treat!

For more motivation; check out Dr Críonna Tobin's sample OPTI-LEAN meal plan.