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5 tips for setting new year resolutions

5 tips for setting new year resolutions
By Shaun Stafford & Carly Newson 3 years ago 23179 Views No comments
  1. Envision Success - Think about a day in your future where you have accomplished your goal. Close your eyes and think about experiencing the mental state of reaching your goal. Ask yourself "what can I do today that will help me get to this feeling".
  2. Keep Your List Short - It's much easier to focus on one or two goals rather than ten. Taking on a large number of resolutions is likely to set up to fail. Keep your list small and this way you won't set yourself up for lack of achievement or decreased motivation.
  3. Track and Celebrate Milestones - Accomplishments keep us motivated and focused. By giving yourself a little reward each step is a great way to achieve your long time goal. Little things like crossing out one step off a piece of paper will leave you satisfied and inspired to continue.
  4. Share Your Goals - Share your goals with others, you are more likely to achieve them. By identifying people who can help achieve your goal you are incorporating influencers and supporters rather than detractors.
  5. Find What’s Right For You - Instead of making your resolutions a chore, find out what makes you happy. Find a resolution that you will be happy and comfortable with, this way you will be able to sustain it and enjoy achieving it.
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