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Crossfit Games at Body Power 2016

Crossfit Games at Body Power 2016
By Team ON 4 years ago 4786 Views No comments

Simon competed in his first individual comp last weekend at Body Power 2016. Here he shares his preparation plans and tips on giving 100% when it comes to competitive Crossfit.

How did you prepare for the Body Power Crossfit Games?

I generally trained twice a day, with the exception of a couple rest days which tend to be Thursdays and Sundays. I increased the volume of training in my sessions, so where previously I was doing maybe a couple WODs in a day I started to do three or four.

I also focused on becoming more comfortable with heavier Olympic lifting as this is not something I have been doing very long. I tend to be that guy who reverse curls 100kg cleans and power snatches most lifts as I am still gaining confidence in dropping under the bar when it's nearing my one rep max limit.

Stretching became a bid part of my routine every day for at least 30 min on training days and a longer 45 min session on my rest days. With the increased amount of training I found that if I don't do this I don't move as well the next day.

What’s your personal performance goal for 2016?

My personal performance goal is pretty simple. I want to go into each of the workouts with that "game day" mentality and give 110%. I've always been pretty competitive and to be up against so many other athletes in front of the Body Power audience is a pretty good incentive to give it everything and leave with no regrets. Obviously I would love to rank as high as possible but as long as I've done my best I will be satisfied, for now.

What are your top three tips for anyone competing at Crossfit for the first time?

1. Enjoy! This is a great opportunity to put all that hard work into a competitive environment. Not everyone gets the chance to compete on a stage in front of people so just breath, and enjoy the experience.

2. Don't do it if you can't (currently) do it. There can be pressure on athletes to go "RX" for each and every movement. Yes it is good to push yourself and challenge your abilities, however, if you know you can't do 100 muscle ups for time then there is no shame in doing the scaling option and posting that score that WOD. Don't let the RX movements ruin your experience. Know your current limitations and smash those scaling options saving the RX choices for when you've had a chance to become more proficient at them.

3. Encourage. What we do is hard. That's way we keep doing it. We know that Fran is going to suck, but we do it. We do it because we want to be better people. We want to be fitter and faster and look better. If it's going to suck for you it's also going to suck for all the other crazy fools who have signed up. So encourage your fellow athletes. We all know that having that extra bit of support in the dying seconds of a WOD can make all the difference between getting a new PB time or not. Cheer on your fellow competitors whenever you get a chance.

4. What words of encouragement have you for anyone struggling through their WOD?

Just breathe! Stay calm, focused and in control. All your training has lead to this moment so have confidence that you will get through this WOD. You are achieving something incredible. You are becoming a better athlete. You are becoming better version of you.

5. What’s your go-to WOD playlist?

Thirty Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, ASAP Rocky, Sigma... That's the current playlist. Varied and hel

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