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Immunity and Energy during rugby season

Immunity and Energy during rugby season
By George Morgan 3 years ago 9530 Views

Immunity in season

Mild energy restriction during certain periods of the rugby season plus the stresses of match play can impact the function of the immune system. A low immune system can lead to missed sessions and games, which can in turn lead to periods of comfort-eating during illness. Some simple ways to keep your immune system functioning at the highest levels include;

  • Increasing portions of your favourite fruit and vegetables at meal times. This can also help manage portions of protein and fat on the plate and reduce the risk of over consumption. But be careful of smashing fruit smoothies on low activity days or before sleep.
  • Consider taking a multi-vitamin daily. However, make sure to do your research as many on the market are poorly formulated/ have low amounts of active ingredients. Always prioritise whole foods over supplements.
  • Consider taking vitamin D as most of the UK and Irish population are vitamin D deficient because of the low amount of seasonal sun we get due to the latitude the countries are located at. Studies have found that optimal Vitamin D levels boost immunity, reduce infections, improve muscle function, and improve bone mineral density compared to those with deficient Vitamin D levels.