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Meet the Winners: Weight Loss & General Fitness

Meet the Winners: Weight Loss & General Fitness
By Team ON 3 years ago 10929 Views

Working with the winners Tim has created a 6-week plan to help promote weight loss, improve their level of general fitness, and increase lean muscle mass.

Garment technologist Eve is looking to lose weight and increase her upper body strength. She has been lifting weights for over two years and currently exercises five days a week. She loves spin classes, heavy weight squats, and deadlifts. She is working towards performing a pull-up by the end of this year.

Call centre team leader James entered the competition as he wants to learn how he can train most effectively to lose body fat and build lean muscle. He trains five days a week and wants feels he needs to improve his cardiovascular stamina. His goals are to increases chest strength and increase his running time.

Graphic designer Nathan wants to lose weight without sacrificing his strength or size. Before starting the programme he worked out six days a week and while he felt he was progressing with strength training he felt his cardio would be improved. His goal is to increase his bench press and complete a muscle up.

You can download Tim's plan for free here. We’ll also post updates through the six weeks here on the ON blog and also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Just search #GoldStandard.