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New Amino Energy Flavours

New Amino Energy Flavours
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Anytime Energy this summer with Optimum Nutrition’s New AMIN.O. ENERGY Flavours

This just in: we've got three new refreshing flavours of our popular AMINO ENERGY. Take a look at Watermelon, Lime Mint Mojito, and Peach Cranberry.

Packed with 5 grams of amino acids and 100 mg of caffeine per serving, the blend is also supported by 24 mg of vitamin C and is scientifically designed to give you an extra boost before your workout or throughout the day with increased focus and concentration. The three new sugar free flavours come in a 270 g, 30 serving tub and are light, refreshing, easily drinkable and contain only 30 calories per serving.

Whether you’re in the gym, on the pitch or looking to combat that mid-afternoon slump, Optimum Nutrition’s AMINO ENERGY is the perfect product for anyone looking to increase their focus and alertness. The zero sugar blend increases alertness and focus, due to its naturally-sourced caffeine ingredients. Its vitamin C content supports energy-yielding metabolism. To make the most of the new refreshing flavours, Essential AMINO ENERGY is best mixed with cold water and is the ideal product to use during training to keep you hydrated, or as a healthy replacement to coffee.