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Running Late Doesn’t mean running on empty

Running Late Doesn’t mean running on empty
By Team ON 3 years ago 10190 Views 1 comment

Frequently referred to as the most important meal of the day, providing as it does sustenance and energy for whatever activities lie ahead, why then do many of us miss out on this vital meal & the host of health benefits it brings? Up to a third of us miss breakfast on a regular basis. Breakfast is unique among meals in that typically we haven’t eaten for a considerable length of time before it, hence its importance in literally ‘breaking the fast’.

After a night’s sleep, our body is low in energy reserves and needs fuel, in the form of food, to get going. Missing breakfast & extending the fast increases the likelihood of mid-morning hunger pangs and reaching for less healthy foods later in the day. In fact, research shows that those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight compared to those who skip breakfast. Eating breakfast has also been shown to improve mental performance, concentration & mood.

The most commonly cited reason for skipping breakfast is the ever precious commodity of time. Rapidly changing lifestyles have meant many of us are time poor and in need of quick, convenient breakfast solutions that do not compromise on nutrition. Optimum Nutrition’s new breakfast range offers nutritious, delicious solutions for jam packed mornings when you have hit the snooze button just once too often or need to squeeze in that workout before tackling ever increasing to-do lists.

As part of a balanced breakfast, the new Optimum Nutrition range containing 20g of protein per serving can help make sure breakfast stays on the priority list in a fast paced world, making sure body and mind can face the day.

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Ailis 3 years ago at 09:59
Nice instant breakfast food. Good diet with regular exercise helps us to achieve fit body. Workout can be done easily using spin bike and treadmills