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Staying ON track during rugby season

Staying ON track during rugby season
By George Morgan 3 years ago 9932 Views

Optimising body composition in season without compromising performance

Now the season is well underway our players are focusing on match day preparation, wellness and recovery. Every weekend they put their bodies through the rigors of match play and it can be hard to prioritise physical progression.

Plan your diet to complement your training week and game schedule

If you want to reduce body fat, it is important to engineer periods of energy restriction in your diet. Because energy restriction can result in a decrease in performance, you’ll need to plan these periods carefully so they don’t impact negatively on heavy training sessions or match play. Aim for training-free days or low-intensity training days to reduce impacts on performance and well-being immunity. Avoid energy restriction are high intensity training days, game day -1, or match day.

Factors to consider when in an energy restriction

Use Carbohydrates to fuel activity. However if it is a low activity day then you can afford to reduce your carb intake; this does not mean no carbs!

Don’t over serve on fats. Fats are one of the main macro nutrients and they have over twice the amount of calories per grams compared to carbs or protein. Therefore, resist the temptation to replace your carbs with fat as it will not result in the reduction of calories you are looking for, meaning the window to optimise body comp is reduced.

Don’t neglect your protein intake or gym routine. Studies have shown that combining resistance exercise with an increased protein intake of 2.2g/d has a potent anabolic effect even when the body is in a caloric deficit. In a recent study resistant-trained participants in a caloric deficit increased lean body mass and reduced fat mass after a period of heavy resistance training when combined with a high protein diet.

Sample recipe for Pre-Sleep Protein Yogurt

  • 100g of Greek yoghurt
  • 1 serving of ON Gold Standard Casein - Strawberry
  • 3 squares of dark chocolate with ginger (roughly chopped)
  • A handful of blueberries
  • ½ Tablespoon of chopped almonds

Nutritional info: protein 35 g, carbs 15 g, fat 6 g, 252 Kcals

Assemble all the ingredients in a bowl and stir through the chopped chocolate and almonds until they are well mixed. Can be prepped in advance and stored in airtight container. Enjoy!