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Strength Training

Strength Training
By Team ON 4 years ago 4244 Views No comments

As one of Ireland’s best crossfit athletes, Jamie Headon understands the importance of periodization in training to become the ultimate athlete.

Jamie’s Advice:

Strength is a fundamental aspect in any sport. As I see it: the stronger you are, the lighter the workout feels. I spent the majority of my first year in Crossfit focusing on my bodyweight strength; gymnastics type training, including pull-ups, legless rope climbs and handstand push-ups and Functional movements: deadlifts, front and back squats. I still spend a lot of time on my strength, that is where the hard work is put in, without a strength foundation you aren’t going anywhere.

The stronger you are the less taxing regular daily activities are on your body, so when you bring that idea to your training suddenly workouts that once seemed impossible get a whole lot easier.

Before you start this programme, take one week to test your 1 rep max (1RM) on each movement –these will be your benchmarks. Do this – don’t just guess what you think it is, know your level. Don’t lift with your ego during strength phases, work on the motion and ensure you are getting a full rep range every time. The full range of motion will make you stronger overall; strength will come with dedication.

Click here for Jamie’s Strength Training Plan.