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Team ON athlete Linda Illerstam shares her fitness tips

Team ON athlete Linda Illerstam shares her fitness tips
By Team ON 4 years ago 8757 Views

Linda works hard to help her clients get in the best shape possible by creating tailored nutrition and fitness plans. As an ambassador for the new Optimum Nutrition OPTI-LEAN range here are her top tips for following a weight loss programme.

When it comes to weight loss there are three key elements they require attention. Firstly though, be aware of the difference between losing weight and losing fat. Attaining a firm and fit body does not necessarily equal losing weight. Muscle development and growth can mean people witness big changes in their physique while maintaining or even gaining weight. Personally I use both scales and body fat percentage measurements to get a more accurate insight into my changing physique. If I lose weight but do not lower my fat percentage it means I am losing muscle mass. This is actually counter-productive as it can slow down my metabolism and make it more difficult for me to burn fat. We’ve all heard it before and it is true: muscle weighs more than fat. So don’t get too preoccupied with the numbers on the scale. If your clothes start to feel loose and your body feels tighter – it’s WORKING!

Take a look at the ON blog for my top 3 factors to address when targeting weight loss, plus 5 quick tips for getting started, a 7-day workout schedule for both beginners and advanced stages, and a sample meal plan provided by ON nutritionist Dr Críonna Tobin.